Apr 21

After months of waiting and receiving acceptance letters from various colleges, Kyle decided to make the University of California, Santa Cruz, his home for the next four years. While not admitted to all the colleges of his list comprised of 14, Kyle did do quite well and is happy as he takes the next step in his life. UC Santa Cruz has been rated the most beautiful campus in America at one point, and currently Princeton Review claims Santa Cruz is the 10th most beautiful campus in America. Kyle believes that the liberal approach and the peaceful atmosphere will help him as he advances in his undergraduate studies. While not obtaining need-based financial aid, Kyle is taking out loans of $22,000 per year. While it is a lot of money, Santa Cruz is a wonderful University with endless opportunities. Many have asked why Kyle decided not to attend a community college first. Quite simply, Kyle loves UC Santa Cruz, he has worked extremely hard his entire life and wants to attend a University, and it’s just “meant” for him. Kyle is excited about attending in September, 2005.

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