Apr 16

Kyle is in the process of switching from iWeb to Word Press due to its advanced customization features. Shortly, the site will be updated.

Jun 08

Kyle successfully graduates the University of California, Los Angeles, with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, with an emphasis on Mass Communication.  This culmination in academic achievement is a result of four years of hard work and dedication at 3 separate institutions – UCSC, LA Pierce College, and UCLA.  Kyle has learned much over these years of constant study – nobody can ever take away his memories or achievements.  Kyle also learned an important lesson: Having  a college education is important, but real hard work pays off many times fold in the long run through hard work, a degree just gets your foot in the door.  Kyle is proud and honored to be able to study at one of the world’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning, and to enhance his academic knowledge with world renowned faculty and staff to guide him through his educational journey.  Kyle completed his studies early in December, 2008; However, UCLA only has a commencement ceremony once annually.

Dec 20

December 08 – August 09 – Kyle’s commercial has just begun airing across 14 channels throughout the LA, San Diego, and Hawaii Region.  Being selected as a result of providing good customer service and that friendly on-camera attitude, I am not an actor, just a person who works hard.  Kyle has recently been receiving a high volume amount of e-mails from people showing their support, and he is appreciative that Time Warner Cable gave him the opportunity to have over 3 million see him in action.  You can see the video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sYYerwG6TA

Apr 30

Things have been rather hectic lately but life is most certainly moving in the right direction.  After going to Puerto Rico in recognition for my efforts at work and then my yearly vacation with Mike (this year to Walt Disney World), life is pretty much busy non-stop.  Besides going to school more than full time at UCLA and working heavily at Time Warner Cable, I have all the other little tasks that each and every American does daily.  I leave my house by 7am 5 days a week and return between 7pm and 9pm, depending on the day of the week.  Rather than most people who love and enjoy their college years, I am trying to move up in my career and am trying my hardest to finish as soon as possible.  At the moment, I am supposed to graduate in June 2009 but I am trying very hard to graduate 2 quarters early in December.  Let’s cross our fingers and hope things work out well for me.  While I am not fully thrilled about the idea of graduate school, I know that I should go because 20 years ago getting a B.A. wasn’t that important and now it is.  In 20 years from now having a master’s degree will be very similar so I may take some time off then consider obtaining my master’s degree elsewhere.

Jan 11

Mike and I have finally decided to move in together.  While we would ideally like to buy a home together, especially since the market isn’t doing that great right now, we simply cannot yet afford a down payment and would like to wait longer until we can have more money saved up.  We are renting a 2 bedroom tri-level apartment in Canoga Park.  We are very excited to finally live together every night, rather that just several nights a week.  Our official move-in date is January 22, but we will slowly be moving things in over the next two weekends following that.  We have a full two car garage, laundry room, living room, central air, alarm system, kitchen, bedroom, office, and little patio.  We are very excited about this new endeavor.  While the next few weeks will  probably be a bit stressful, it is necessary in order to go to the next step in our relationship.

Jan 10

Yesterday, I was shocked to find out that I won the T.Q.S. (Total Quality Service) Award from Time Warner Cable.  The T.Q.S. award is awarded once a year to a few members member of each Time Warner Cable Division, specifically 8 people from LA North with thousands of employees.  While the Winners Circle Award is awarded to people once a quarter for top sales performance, this award is for people that go “above and beyond” the call of duty in providing excellent customer service.  The letter I received states that I am an employee of the year for the Los Angeles Division of Time Warner Cable.  How exciting!!!   I am very excited and proud to have received this important award at the age of only 21.  As a result, of all my hard work and success, Time Warner is taking me and one guest on an all expense paid trip to Puerto Rico.  While there, I will have dinner and receive an award and enjoy good times.  I will have free airfare, transportation, hotel, and food all courtesy of Time Warner Cable.  I am so excited.  Of course I would naturally take Mike, my loving fiancee; however, he will be on a mandatory business trip that week in Texas and there is no way humanly possible he can get out of it.  As a result, I will be taking one of my girlfriends with me.

Apr 24

Kyle was accepted in the UCLA College of Letters and Science with Communication Studies as his academic major. After much hard work in the honors program at Pierce College, Kyle has finally obtained admission into one of the top universities in the United States. Kyle looks forward to a rigorous academic career as he transfers to the University of California, Los Angeles, this upcoming fall.

Apr 02

While on a pleasant vacation in the Hawaiian Islands, Mike proposed to Kyle. Kyle joyously accepted his proposal to take Mike’s hand in marriage. We will make everything official shortly after Kyle graduates colleges in 2009 or 2010. Kyle & Mike love each other very much and knew it was the right time to take their relationship to the next step.

Jun 18

Summer is here and Kyle is still in full swing working hard during the first summer session while continuing to work at Time Warner. Kyle finished the Spring semester with a 3.8 GPA, giving him a cumulative GPA of 3.83. Kyle & Mike are doing excellent as usual and are enjoying being happy together. They recently saw a Madonna Concert and still visit Disneyland twice a month! Mike reently took took a General Manager position at Jamba Juice, while Kyle continues to work at Time Warner cable. Kyle recently was awarded the highest overall quality monitoring score in his department, top seller, and best call wrap times & productivity. Kyle will finish this first session of school and will do the second session as well in order to get as many units out of the way as possible.

Mar 27

An update on Kyle’s life. Kyle is currently attending honors classes at Pierce College, and is taking on 15 units of coursework. School is very difficult and challenging, but he belives that it is an important step in his life. In addition, he works part time, 25 hours a week, at Time Warner Cable as an outbound representative. He enjoys having his own desk, and getting away from retail while making very good money for a 19 year old part time student.

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