May 29

We moved into our house on the 20th, and life has been a bit chaotic as we start to move everything in and get things settled.  However, waking up this morning, I looked at the furniture, pictures, and all our belongings, and it really started to feel like a home.

8am, May 20.  Movers arrive, and help us move our belongings to our new house.  We say goodbye to our tri-level townhome (which I loved) of two and a half years.  We pack up our furniture, clothes, washer/dryer, glass statues, Disney figurines, kitchen appliances, and much more.  It was so strange staring at the North Star moving truck, and realizing that a large portion of our lives was in that truck.  True, they were only belongings, but many of those belongings carry along special memories with it.  One can point to any object and I can tell you where I got it from and what it represents.

We then arrive to a freshly painted house, new flooring, new light fixtures, and nothing else.  It’s been a very busy time as we do everything from placing liners in the kitchen cabinets, to setting up our home theater surround sound system, to getting new furniture installed.  However, its finally starting to feel like home, and its exciting!

I have to say, I also am learning so much about being more “handy” around the home.  Those that know me know that I am good with computers, technology, etc, and I’m not handy with my hands at all.  I have been learning so much lately about so many things I never thought I’d ever know, and to be honest, once I do work on the house, it really feels rewarding.  It’s this feeling I haven’t had before, but it feels good to say that I installed our new toilets, and I replaced this light fixture, and I did this.  Mike and I have been an excellent team, and I can only wait a few more weeks until the rest of our rooms are finished.  For now, only our living room is ready to go, but its getting there.

The other night, we were laying in bed falling asleep, and Mike turned over to me and said, “Kyle, can you believe it, we really did it.  We bought a house and we’re living in it.”  At that point, it really sunk in.  All the weekends we spent looking at homes and writing up offers, we were finally in our home, and it was such a powerful feeling.

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