May 20

I love Competition!

Competition is the reason why we have so many selections to choose from, and why companies keep innovating to keep our business.  With innovation comes progress, lower prices, and better selection.


Some time ago, I went paperless, as it makes my life easier.  At least once a week, I scan any bills/receipts/EOBs/Bank Statements/Tax Documents/etc, put it through OCR, and organize it in a folder.  This folder is my Dropbox, which syncs everything on my computers and “in the cloud.”  DropBox is amazing, it works all the time with error, and I am able to access anything, anywhere, anytime.  If I needed to get a copy of my 2010 tax return, I can open the DropBox app on my iPhone and pull it up instantly.

A few weeks ago, Google Launched Google Drive, a competitor to DropBox.  While it does not have the speed and all of the actions that DropBox has, I know in short time it will.  The decision will then be, do I stay with DropBox or switch to Google Drive?  I love both companies, and in the end, it will depend on what features they can innovate with.  Botha re affordable, and there are a range of websites which have side by side comparisons, but I love both of them.

I am happy to live in a Market Economy, where we can vote with our dollars and where companies continue to strive and innovate to make products and services even better.  It’ll be interesting to see how Cloud Computing evolves over the coming months and years.


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Jun 29

I wanted to share my 3 favorite companies.  Why 3?  3 is a magic number, and many people believe that 3 is a special number.  Okay, so that, and the fact that these are just my 3 favorite companies.  In no particular order, but sorted alphabetically:





What do all these 3 companies have in common?

  • Great Company Values

  • Outstanding Customer Service

  • Progressive

  • Passion for innovation

  • Creativity

These companies have changed the way we see connect with others, enjoy entertainment, and seek information.  I feel like I have a personal connection to the 3 above companies, and that is very difficult for a company to establish such loyalty.  Only time will tell what these companies can invent tomorrow and in the years to come.


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Dec 19

E-mail.  Calendar. Contacts. Documents. My life is managed by “the cloud.”  I’ve been using GMail for years, as its the most intuitive solution to suit my busy lifestyle.

I love technology!

I have always been a Google enthusiast.   Google’s products and services help make my lifestyle easier and more convenient.  As a result, I use almost all of its services on a daily basis, from organizing my calendar, to managing my contacts, to e-mail.  Frequently, Google experiments with new products and creates something that is simply amazing.  The company has a terrific philosophy and I’m addicted.

All right, so I’ve been using Google’s suite of features with my GMail account.  I prefer to use my personal domain for e-mail as it allows me to convey a more personal tough, but Google’s feature set is difficult to beat.  Instead of using my personal domain e-mail address for everything, I’ve been forwarding my mail to GMail so I can use the many features such as labeling and archiving.

I just made the switch to Google Apps, where I can have Google host my e-mail without be having to forward everything to GMail for storage.  The product is great and I’m so happy to be able to switch to its Google Apps Suite.  Google is certainly changing the way people conduct their daily activities.  Thanks Google for creating such an amazing product, I’d love to work for you in the future.  Then again, who wouldn’t? 🙂

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