May 02

Only 2 more days until the close of escrow.  It’s been a wild couple of months, we’ve placed offers on several homes, went through many tours and walk-throughs, and went through the entire short sale process.  We had to get our offer accepted by the seller, then the bank that held the first loan had to approve it, then the second bank had to approve it.  We went through several rounds of inspections, did loan documents, shopped around for loan rates, researched homeowner’s insurance companies, and the list goes on.

Once all that went through, we had to start buying appliances, new flooring, paint, light fixtures, the list goes on.  In fact, we spent 5 ½ hours at Lowe’s yesterday and 2 hours at Best Buy.  House shopping is supposed to be fun, but it was quite chaotic as this housing market is one of the weirdest markets that most people have seen in a long time.  Houses are going for 30-40k above asking price.

I think a lot of it has to do with the younger generation believing that this is going to be one of their only opportunities to buy a home.  The prices are going up, and many people can’t find a way to get in on the real estate market.

It all comes down to Tuesday afternoon around 5pm, when we close escrow.  I can say this, the past few weeks have been a mix of emotions, but it finally is starting to get exciting as we shop to find the perfect flooring, and interior colors, furniture, light fixtures, etc.  So all in all, it’s been a chaotic experience, but I am excited that in less than 48 hours I will own a piece of property, and have a house to call my own.  I’ve already had a “home” of my own, as a home is just a place that you feel comfortable in and where you can relax and be at peace, but now I can open another chapter in the book of life.

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