May 17


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Apr 07

Dusk at the Reilly-Johnston residence, complete with flowers and Mosaic solar lights


Mar 11

Just got my notification, my Final GPA for my MBA is 3.913 out of 4.0. Degree to be awarded in May since I finished ahead of schedule.

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Feb 24

As I sit here working on my last paper for my MBA program, knowing every day this week is going to be overwhelming, I look back on the countless hours and days that I have sat at my desk researching and composing papers over the last 3 years. One week until it’s all done.

Feb 11

Below is a photograph of Jasmine, our Labrador Shepherd, from about 5 months ago.  Was scrolling through photos looking for something and stumbled upon this 😉


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Jan 10

My new 27″ iMac has arrived. Unboxing time 😉


Jan 01

Happy New Year!!! May 2013 be even more Magical!

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Dec 29

I’ve been cleaning the house all week. Currently I’m Organizing candles by seasonal scents. Can you tell we like Yankee Candle?


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Dec 26

I love After Christmas Shopping.
Below are my Express Slim Stretch Fit 1MX Shirts 🙂


Dec 25

Merry Christmas Cheer

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