Jun 29

I wanted to share my 3 favorite companies.  Why 3?  3 is a magic number, and many people believe that 3 is a special number.  Okay, so that, and the fact that these are just my 3 favorite companies.  In no particular order, but sorted alphabetically:





What do all these 3 companies have in common?

  • Great Company Values

  • Outstanding Customer Service

  • Progressive

  • Passion for innovation

  • Creativity

These companies have changed the way we see connect with others, enjoy entertainment, and seek information.  I feel like I have a personal connection to the 3 above companies, and that is very difficult for a company to establish such loyalty.  Only time will tell what these companies can invent tomorrow and in the years to come.


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Jun 19


Several weeks ago, Mike and I dug up the old flower beds, fertilized everything, and planted about 22 different types of flowers.

I’ve never been a flower enthusiast, and I’m still not, but I am definitely starting to learn to enjoy the simple things in life.  I love technology, I love many pleasures in life, but sometimes its nice to sit back, relax, and enjoy nature and all its wonder.

They are starting to bloom, and they will be even more wonderful next spring.  Yes, Spring is just ending, but we got a variety of perennials so that we can have some flowers that bloom yearlong.

Jun 12

A few days before Star Tours and The Little Mermaid opened, we were able to visit Disneyland and experience the magic!

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