Apr 30

Things have been rather hectic lately but life is most certainly moving in the right direction.  After going to Puerto Rico in recognition for my efforts at work and then my yearly vacation with Mike (this year to Walt Disney World), life is pretty much busy non-stop.  Besides going to school more than full time at UCLA and working heavily at Time Warner Cable, I have all the other little tasks that each and every American does daily.  I leave my house by 7am 5 days a week and return between 7pm and 9pm, depending on the day of the week.  Rather than most people who love and enjoy their college years, I am trying to move up in my career and am trying my hardest to finish as soon as possible.  At the moment, I am supposed to graduate in June 2009 but I am trying very hard to graduate 2 quarters early in December.  Let’s cross our fingers and hope things work out well for me.  While I am not fully thrilled about the idea of graduate school, I know that I should go because 20 years ago getting a B.A. wasn’t that important and now it is.  In 20 years from now having a master’s degree will be very similar so I may take some time off then consider obtaining my master’s degree elsewhere.

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