Dec 31


A year of good and bad events, all combined into one year.

A year of

hope. joy. inspiration. change. awe. shock. warmth. terror. triumph. disaster.

This 3 minute Google Video sums it up well.

Cheers to 2011, and looking forward to 2012.

Dec 20

Disney finally posted a YouTube Video for the Trevor Project, the It Gets Better Campaign.  So excited!  These videos always stir up excitement, because of their importance to the community as a whole.  I’d love to be on their Pride Committee.


Dec 13

It’s been a while since my last update, and when I say while, I mean about 6 months.  A lot has been going on over the past few months, and when I have time I’ll publish a more detailed update.

My main reason for this post is simple: 7 years ago today, I met the love of my life. 😀

Still in love, and happy as can be.  I love life!

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