Jun 26

Every day since last weekend when I setup our new porch swing, we have enjoyed some time in the evenings hours sitting outside on the porch and talking about our days.  Mike and I really enjoy going to the beach and watching the sunset every few weeks, and now having a porch swing on our corner house gives us a different means of relaxation.  Peaceful.  Relaxing.  That sums it up.

As we sit there, watch a car go by every 5 minutes or so, we talk about life, our days, and whatever comes to mind. When I’m going through a tough day, I know that in a few hours I’ll be going home and enjoying some relaxation.

Jun 11

I’ve never been into flowers,  vegetables, fruits, nor gardening.

After purchasing our home, we decided to start planting a few items, and I have to say, I like exploring new things, because I really enjoy it.  Watching something grow from nothing to something, or small to large, is truly remarkable.  What’s next????

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Jun 02

This video from “The Big D Podcast” sums up why I love Disney so much.  Whether it be the sights, the sounds, imagery, characters, fireworks, or just the many fun memories I’ve had over the years, Disney truly is a magical place for me to be.  It’s where I can leave all my stressors behind, relax, have fun, and enjoy life for its amazing treasures.  I will always be a Disney enthusiast.  Thanks for Chris at the Big D for creating this compilation video, I love it!


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