Dear Recruiter,

I am Passionate for Disney and would like to join the Walt Disney Family in Corporate Brand Management. 

Having always had a strong connection to TWDC in so many facets of my life, I have a strong passion for the Brand.  I want to help TWDC continue to capitalize on creating magical moments for generations to come.  Corporate Brand Development and Management gives me the opportunity to help shape the Disney Branded Experience for millions of people across the world.

Having received my Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Cal Lutheran University in 2013, along with several years work experience in sales, marketing, and analytics, I am fully qualified for this role.

I want to work with the Walt Disney Company to help share the Disney Brand Promise with people from all walks of life, and help ensure that “backstage” operations are successfully met to ensure that the Disney continues to do everything it can to capitalize on providing high-quality experiences for generations to come.

While I have been extremely successful in Sales Operations at Time Warner Cable for the past 9 years, but my passion is to work for Disney in Brand Development Management.  Utilizing my analytical and communication abilities, I seek to join TWDC and bring my wealth of knowledge and dedication to perfections.  I am passionate about the brand and delivering excellence in all the work that I do.  Please call and allow me to explain why I will be successful in this role.

My credentials are below:

Hope you have a magical day!

Warm Regards,



Kyle Reilly-Johnston –
(818) 585-0893

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